George Sand

How External Sites Expand Your Search Presence

by George Sand on

SEO has recently been seen as more than just a website, but in reality you actually will use external web properties to allow you to make your organic search presence that much larger. You shouldn’t limit yourself to just your own website, but you can increase the exposure you get by optimizing the social profiles and even getting other sites to rank for your brand as well.

These will make your online reputation better, and you can also rank for keywords faster than you would with just our own domain. You can’t just have your own site dominate the first page of search results, for it can leave you vulnerable to negative content on other sites that rank for your brand name. The best way to protect your brand’s presence is to also create other profiles on social sites.


Every site is a bit different, but if you optimize your brand on these sites, it’s very similar. You can for example on Pinterest use your brand name as the business name and username, and you can also have your brand name in the description as well. You can link your Pinterest profile to your own domain, allowing you to showcase your products and have your brand name expand to other areas. For other sites such as Facebook, twitter, and others, there can be other ways to help optimize your profile, and you can then use these profiles from your own domain.

For many digital marketers, there is a way to optimize the different Pinterest boards for SEO. These boars allow you to rank quickly in many search engines for the key items, not just the brand name that you have, but it also allows you to show up more within Pinterest as well. You can do this in a few easy steps/.


The first is to create a board for the topic that you want to rank on, and have the right keywords, and you can also look at the keywords and how they rank as well. Once you use the targeted keywords, make sure that they become the title tag, the H1 tag, and the URL. Don’t change the URLs however, because this can change many of the SEO elements that you’re trying to optimize. Once that’s done, have a description with the targeted keywords. You should then edit the descriptions of the pins at the top to include the keywords, and make sure that the optimized boards are also at the top of your profile to make it better for you. Once that’s done, link to the Pinterest boards that relate, and you can use keywords in the anchor texts. Pinterest is one of those sites that can improve your optimization overnight once you make these adjustments.

It’s similar to other sites as well. You want to have the target keywords, have related playlists for YouTube, and also have targeted anchor texts as well. Making sure that you have everything optimized and fitting together is one of the best things that you can do to build your optimization to new heights.

A computer intelligence might be what we need to allow us to solve many of the big changes and problems within the world, such as climate change, and geopolitical conflict. in a recent article in the journal Science, the authors have now taken it upon themselves to give out a new vision of human computation which goes past traditional limits and also takes on some of the hard problems up until not out of reach.

The human mind can surpass the machines in many areas, such as simple pattern recognition and creative abstraction, but with these computers these cognitive patterns that people have can also be combined into multidimensional networks that can achieve what normal problem-solving cannot. Many of the human computation done today is based off of “micro-tasks” which are basically a bunch of people putting together results. For example, a whole bunch of volunteers have worked together to help build a map of the human retina and their neurons. It’s a touch challenge for many, especially in the realm of micro tasking.

For many problems out there, these new problems need more than just a multitude of static information that is connected, but instead you need something that can have a lot of changes and also unforeseen consequences. With these new human technologies, you can now get real-time solutions and crowd-based inputs that are happening now. These can be processed by a computer and sent to another person to either improve or analyze these different types of information. This allows more constructive and collaborative environments to be created to help with very challenging issues.

It’s currently being used to help tackle the major global conservation problems, and it allows people to see the potential of different working and living landscapes, and it allows the people to build on each other’s work, something that just simple crowdsourcing can’t get. This is a bottom-up way of looking at the different models, and it will allow these scalable changes to be put in on residential areas. It’s a way to allow a person to have an interactive analytic formation, and it will allow people to see where things go.


In another way, there is the stardust@home system, which is used to look for comet dust in one million images of aerogel, and it’s being adapted to look for stalled blood vessels which will then be found by the brain.

Through this, you’re giving people a simple task to do, and you will get real-time answers to things, and it will allow people to look for treatment and discovery in a fraction of the time. This will allow others to make changes almost immediately, taking the matters into their own hands. This can also help people find the solution to the problem and fix it immediately before things get any worse, and it will allow the community to not only connect to one another better, but allow everyone to come together as new discoveries are found each day.

Pat Frank

A Simple Guide to Better Oral Health

by Pat Frank on

Keeping the teeth healthy and clean requires consistent care. Even if you are currently satisfied with the condition of your teeth, it would be a wrong idea to put your guard down against the factors that can spoil your teeth health. You must take care of your teeth and gums by using the products that are made to improve and maintain the oral health.

Likewise, some practices that can help you to retain best oral health are as under.

  • A common recommendation is to brush the teeth twice every day. However, one of these times to brush should be the night, right before you go to bed. Brushing teeth at night keeps the gums and teeth healthy in the long run by eliminating plaque and germs on daily basis.
  • The way you brush your teeth is as important as doing it regularly. If you brush your teeth daily but poorly just to keep the numbers consistent, it is as useless as not brushing at all. It’s important to take proper time in brushing the teeth by moving brush gently across entire teeth’s area. It would help you to prevent and get rid of plaque consolidation.
  • Oral health
  • While brushing your teeth, don’t forget to brush your tongue gently. Tongue can also have the layer of plaque developed on it. To prevent this plaque build-up and bad mouth odor, it’s important to brush the tongue.
  • Always pick the toothpaste that contains fluoride. Fluoride is known well for maintaining oral health. The main function of fluoride is fighting the tooth decay.
  • Flossing is as important as brushing the teeth; yet a lot of people ignore it. Flossing does more than just getting out the food particles which stuck between the teeth. Flossing can substantially reduce the chances of plaque consolidation. Furthermore, it stimulates the gums for inflammation prevention. Although, flossing might not be easy for many people but it doesn’t mean that one can give up on that. There are flossing products available that can make this process far more convenient.
  • Oral health can be boosted with the help of mouthwash. Mouthwashes are helpful in different ways; i.e. reducing the amount of bad acid in the mouth, cleaning the areas where brushing and flossing have no effect and strengthening the mineral properties of teeth. Mouthwashes are particularly helpful for older beings and children, who find it difficult to brush and floss regularly.
  • Better Oral Health
  • To retain entirety of oral health, it is essential to drink pliantly of water daily. Water can help in removal of acids and contaminations, which are usually developed due to long stay of food particles in the mouth.
  • Crunchy vegetables and fruits contain healthy fiber which can be instrumental in cleaning the teeth and stimulating the gums.
  • To preserve the enamel of your teeth, it’s imperative to avoid the development of acid that comes as a result of more sugar consumption. Control your sugar intake and you will be able to retain the white look of your teeth for lifetime.

Although the steps mentioned above may be more than enough for your oral health but it’s recommended to consult your dentist for best oral health practices.

A British couple has created a new way of life by having their puppies cloned from a dead pet using the tissue that is extracted from them two weeks after it dies.

Before all of this, the limit for cloning was five days after death, but this couple, who were grief-stricken when their boxer named Dylan died at the age of eight this past June, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor, found out about this amazing technique.  This procedure is expensive though, costing almost 150K for just one cloning and it had never worked for dogs that had been dead for longer than five days.  But against all of the odds was a success, and they not only had one puppy embryo, but two of them as well.  The couple went to the Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in South Korea, which is a dog-cloning service, and it’s the only laboratory of this nature out there.


The male has been named Chance, and he is to be joined on the 29th another cloned puppy named Shadow, both named after two dogs in the movie homeward bound.

The feeling is so surreal for the couple.  Imagining losing your favorite animal, and then you’re able to have another one in due time.  Many people don’t realize how long this might take, and it even made the owner of the puppies feel very disoriented, losing a sense of time and not understanding how long it took.  The owner did cling to her husband an hour after the first puppy was born.  She couldn’t believe that it happened, but once the puppy started making noises it was real.  It was only a few minutes old, but it looked just like Dylan.  All of the colorings and the patterns were actually the same as the original dog.  It’s an overwhelming feeling, and the two parents were shocked at how it felt.

Right now, the puppy is still feeding well from the surrogate mother, and it has the same DNA as the original dog.  It’s quite confusing, especially since they had them since Dylan was a puppy, but the couple is happy to have this new life.

The couple decided to store more samples of Dylan’s DNA at the laboratory, with the firm providing a kit to take a biopsy of the abdomen.  They went to South Korea to deliver it, with the cells packaged up and the flight booked.  She was shocked that she could have the same genetic copy of Dylan as well, and it even put her mind at rest.  The first samples did fail, and before the second biopsy arrived it was past the point for successful cloning.  However, they took the chance, and soon their dog was born.  The research facility has over 700 dogs cloned for commercial purposes, with the data being implanted into a “blank” dog egg that has the nucleus removed.  It’s a revolutionary process and it shows just how far cloning and diversity of animals has come.

Darwin’s finches may face the risk of extinction in the next 200 years. It was revealed in a new study which was published in Applied Ecology Journal at 18 Dec. According to this study, birds race face an imminent threat due to existence of parasitic flies. One main attribute of these flies is their toxic nature which can even diminish the small birds’ race in a couple of decades.

Nevertheless, the chief of this research, Dale Clayton, has a reason to believe that use of word extinction for small birds, especially Darwin’s finches, is a bit of exaggeration, also suggesting that birds’ species can be saved from being even reduced.

According to Clayton, human beings can play an important role in stopping the extinction of these birds by practically discouraging dominance of parasitic flies. Moreover, Clayton has also welcomed the concept of natural development of birds’ defense against parasitic flies and their toxic larvae.


Even if the human interaction is required, which is the case most likely, in this fight against parasitic nest flies; it is not going to be an easy process at all. These flies are believed to have originated from Galapagos Islands in 1960s and are given the official name of Philornis downsi.

Although Clayton expresses hope in finding the way against prevalence of these flies, he doesn’t underestimate the threat posed by these flies. According to Clayton, these flies usually lay their eggs in nostrils of baby birds. Larvae gets their feed from the flesh of bird and this process ultimately leads to the development of punctures which are life threatening for birds. Clayton further mentioned that these flies came into the limelight when these were found on the islands in 1990s.

Clayton said that there are several other factors which too are threatening for finches such as rats that prey nestlings and growing unsuitability of environment. However, dominance in existence of parasitic flies seems the biggest threat which needs to be dealt with on the first priority. While any solution to enhance birds’ capacity to resist their extinction from the hands of these flies could be found, it is imperative to work on restricting these flies from growing in number.

According to a recent scientific study, nine out of ten types of cancers are cause due to external factors which mainly include smoking, consuming alcohol, air pollution and abnormal exposure to sunlight. Previous research should also be mentioned here which suggested that major cause of most of the cancers is random cell mutation which may result in the formation of tumors. However, scientists have now started to believe cancers occur more due to external factors rather than random mutations.

The research is also expected to incite a controversy as it mentions that the risk of most types of cancers can be reduced by quitting smoking, exercising and avoiding getting into the sunlight frequently.

A British statistician stated that this research shows a total wipe out of 70 to 90 percent of cancer types if we avoid the external harmful elements.


World Cancer Research Fund’s Kate Allen further added into this matter by stating that perception about cancer ‘just happening’ is wrong. Hence, it is also not true that there is nothing which can be done to prevent it.

This new research has been made after the research earlier this year which explained that about 65 percent cancers are unpreventable and are usually caused by random cell division. This cell division is something which we cannot control.

However, the Stony Brook University’s study suggests something otherwise. It says that there would have been very few cancers in observation if only the random mutation were to be declared culprit.


According to Yusuf Hannun from Stony Brook University, mutation caused by intrinsic cell division of a body has very less power to develop something like cancer. This research got its proof by another research about the immigrants who moved from the areas where people are less likely to have cancers to the areas where people are more prone to have cancers. After moving to that area, those immigrants also had same kind of cell division process which was possessed by inhabitants of that area. This study suggests that cell division, that causes cancer, is more likely influenced by environment, but not by intrinsic body changes.

Although the study has not suggested any cure for cancer but it rather emphasizes on reducing the extrinsic risks which can lead to the development of cancer in a body.