How to Get Closer To Your Kid in a Day

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If you are a parent and you are a little confused about how to get closer to your kids in a day, you are certainly not alone. Good news is that this problem is not that big to really worry about. You don’t need to spend a single penny or take your kids on a long drive to get closer to them. It’s just the small things and actions that you can do to bring your children closer to you and have a wonderful emotional connection with them like playing power wheel. However, you will have to make sure that you are working on these things regularly. Yes, there may be some stressful days when you are not in a mood to interact with anyone. But those days would not affect the connection which you would build over time with the help of consistency in you.

So, what are those things that you should really work on? Let’s discuss.

React nicely and empathetically

You can imagine about the amazement that you would get upon seeing your loved one welcoming you with a smile when you step into his personal area. Now, you can make it your habit to welcome your children with a smile every time you see them coming into your room. They’ll surely feel great.

Try to stay close to them

You can ensure it by engaging them in an activity which lets you stay close to them. In fact, you can initiate an activity which both you and your child can perform, e.g. gardening in your lawn.

Change the way you ask questions

Most of the parents believe in the fact that taking interest in child’s daily routine can help them get closer to them. But most do not have an idea what to ask or how to ask. So, instead, you ask “how was your day?”, you can ask “what made to happy today?” or “what was your most proud moment of the day?”

With these kinds of questions, you can show you kid that you are actually interested in their life.

Listen to them properly

This is the fact that children do not ask the most intelligent questions. But it doesn’t mean that they do not get embarrassed when they are not heard properly. So, stop everything and pay full attention to child when he/she comes to you with a story. Listen to their concern with empathy.

Share your stories to show the children that you care

Children, like the elder people, require feedback to stay connected. So, don’t limit yourself to listening to their stories and questions only. Rather, you should also share your stories with them to tell them about your actions when you were of their age.

Turn No into Yes

It’s true that you don’t want your child to have a candy at the time when it isn’t right for him/her. So, when your child asks for a candy at that particular time, avoid saying ‘No’ right away. Instead, you can agree with your own statement. For example, you can say “yes, you have definitely have candy after the dinner”.

Tips on home decor from professionals

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Having trouble redesigning your room? Consider expert advice from a well-known professional interior designer might help, here is what he had to say:

Being a perfectionist is good but trying to make everything special is not right as for one thing to stand out others should be in the background supporting it.

Select a piece and design everything around it

Selecting a center of attention is very important as once you have identified it you can easily maneuver things around it. For instance you have selected a very finely crafted set of Victoria chair. You can place it near a corner with a delicate yet classic styled lamp and walls should have alight color so as to bring out the craftsmanship used in the Victoria chair. Japanese calligraphy is hanged on the walls of restaurants with simple lamps to create the ambiance of and old Japanese dojo making it not only attractive but also the ambiance is very soothing as it makes to take your mind off the hustle and bustle of life.

Try to find the hidden quality of things

Designing is not just about spending a lot of money, it’s about generating an ambiance that attracts and catches the eyes of the viewer.   Look for things that make the overall impact better. Simple and low cost items can be combined to create a master piece. Almost everything is reusable if you have the will and the imagination to do so. We have seen portraits made out of grains, pulses, mirrors etc. one can make ornaments out of old t shirt.

Keep it simple

“Simple is Good” trying to design everything makes it loose its appeal. Using house hold stuff instead of ornaments is the creative and intelligent ti ng to do. Family photos forming a collage on stairs ways looks very simple yet very catchy but using simple frames makes it look even better. Rocking chair near the window looks very artistic. Various music instruments are restored in their original form and used as decorative items.

Something things that seams boring don’t have to remain boring

An old dusty violin may seem to be boring but if used properly can look like a master piece. One has to be very creative to develop an idea that is attractive yet cost effective. Designer use a variety of old furniture and merge it in the new environment by making a few adjustments. And chest that might seem boring in its original form can look very amazing if you clean it up and make a theme around it like a pirate theme or a retro theme. An old vase can be repainted in to the color scheme of the room and converted into usable part of the room. Old gramophone are refurbished and kept as a decorative piece in offices and homes. People use old dialling phones in office to give it a retro look. Book shelves are redesigned to make them look vibrant. Restaurants that serve Mexican food sometime make their waiters dress in traditional clothes.

Good design doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive it’s the variety and balance that make it good.  All that glitters is not gold. Cohesion with in varies items makes the whole set of items functional and active. There are people who don’t see the quality instead they only look at the brand name. I have seen Old t-shirts are stitched together to make beautiful bed sheets. Straws are coupled together to make pictures. Items brought from Ikea are transformed into various forms to match the design of the house and office. Stuff toys are arranged in sequence in the kid’s room making the room very attractive. In the same way, faux stone PaneLs can be used instead of real stone to get  a attractive look.