Do children Need Dental Sealants

by admindruze on

When parents visit their dentist for the first time in a while, the dentist may tell them to get sealants. Essentially, these are coverings covering the grooves of the molars. When the adult molars come in at about six or so years of age, most parents don’t even realize their children have the molars. That’s because they usually come out at the back, which is behind the milk teeth within the child’s mouth, so it’s not replacing anything.  But these, these “adult molars” typically have some very deep grooves places within them. The problem with that, is that the food gets trapped in there, including starches, sweets, and even just sticky food in general.

Problem is, even with the best brushing habits, these bristles aren’t able to get into the grooves, so even if done well, this doesn’t prevent cavities, especially since the grooves are deep, and if your child does have a sweet tooth, this becomes an even bigger issue.

Cavities are so prevalent in children, and it’s not just because of poor diets and brushing habits. Your child could eat perfectly and still get these! Therefore, one way to prevent this from happening, and preventing decay is to coat them with this “sealant” and from there, it is a simple and painless procedure that’s done by dentists the moment they see these molars in.

this sealant placing is simple, and painless, to the point where it’s put in within minutes, but it actually can save you a ton of money in the future, especially if your child is predisposed to having a lot of sweets, or maybe even already struggles with this.

Because of how high the calories are, preventing cavities is actually better than treating this, and it’s also way cheaper too.  It does also save you a boatload of money, that’s for sure!  So yes, you should definitely consider trying to get these fixed right away.

Caries is a huge problem in our society, and that’s because we have foods that are extremely high in sugar, and we usually have children gobbling these down even without taking care of their teeth afterwards. it’s why children are seen with worse teeth than before. You as a parent are responsible for your child’s oral health, so you should make sure that they get these.

The procedure is very simple. Usually, the child is sat down, and after the usual cleanings, the area is then dried out, usually with air and covered and such. From there, a sealant is placed on there, usually coating the area with small coverings, and from there, ti will help to protect the teeth, and make it even better than before.  You can from there, watch your child’s oral habits, but also know that they will also be able to prevent their teeth from getting worse with the use of a sealant on there.

With this as well, you’ll be able to see easily that your child has healthier teeth, and if they take care of their teeth enough, usually these sealants tend to last a few years, enough for the child to learn proper oral habits, and also for them to learn to eat foods that are better for them in the long run regarding their oral health. You as a parent are responsible for all of this, and you should always be mindful of what they eat.

With that being said, you should definitely consider getting sealants for your child. By putting these on, you can prevent the teeth from getting worse, and you’ll be able to protect your child’s teeth today.

So if a dentist  recommends these, don’t think they’re doing it out of malice or whatnot. In fact, chances are they’re saving your child’s teeth, and making it even better for you as a parent. If you want to save a lot of money on your child’s teeth, and prevent them from getting cavity filling after cavity filling, and in some cases prevent expensive crowns and root canals into their adult life, then this is the way to go. Sealants are great since they do save money, and ultimately can be the answer you need.


Written by: admindruze