Comprehensive Guide to Gemstones

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Although there are myths and legends associated with the gemstones, there is one thing pretty obvious about them, i.e. they have been getting attention from humans since ancient times, and they continue to do so. Different gemstones have different structure and colors due to which they are liked by different groups of people due to varying preferences. There are also some gemstones which the humans, belonging to the time before history was written, stored at different placed in the world; and those stones are being discovered in the modern era.

Below discussed are some of the most popular gemstones which remain to be the focal points for humans since ancient times.


You would love this gemstone if you are a fan of magic. When you bring this stone into the daylight, you will find it showing the bluish mossy green color. In the candlelight, this gemstone has red color with raspberry tone.

Although this gemstone is liked by a group of people with specific behaviors and characteristics, it generally helps an individual in gaining strength in intuition and creativity.


In the Roman and Greek era, amethyst was believed to be helpful in getting rid of the intoxicating effects of Bacchus. There are many myths and legends in different religious that are associated with this stone.


Aquamarine, as the name suggests, refers to the seawater due to its color which matches with the sky blue color surrounding the globe. This gemstone represents fidelity, youthfulness and hope. It is also believed to symbolize eternal life. Many people believe that this gemstone has positive influence on married couples. Thus, it makes an excellent wedding anniversary gift.


Citrine is basically a French word which relates lemon. The reason is that it resembles the lemon juice along with a shade of dark orange. The major reason for many people to go for this stone is its color which looks amazing when the gem is fitted in anything like ring or bracelet. Many people consider this stone as a gem associated with prosperity and success.


Among all of the gems in the world, diamond is the most popular and preferred one. It’s also one of the most expensive articles you can buy. It is one of the hardest gems on the world. Legends say that diamond was created as a result of lightning struck with the rocks. This gem maintains it higher demand since ancient times, and its demand has not declined in the modern era.


Emerald is the gem of Venus especially swaT emerAlds. It is respected as the symbol of love and rebirth. Thus, it is often associated with fertility. One of the reasons this gem has special place in the history and modern time is that it was worn by a famous figure of history, the Cleopatra, who was the female monarch in Egypt.


With the shade of orange in its origin, garnet displays the rainbow colors. There was a myth associated with the garnet that it lights up in the dark night and perform the duty of protecting its owners. Although the myth is no longer believed in, it still has its demand due to the beautiful color and difference shades it displays.

Written by: admindruze