Adult Party Games Made Out of Shipping Supplies

by Stan Lee on

Everyone has shipping supplies laying around their house.  If you don’t think you are part of this crew, think again.  Got a roll of tape in the junk drawer?  Hanging onto a bag of packing peanuts so the kids can make a craft out of them?  How about just a plain old cardboard box?  …That’s what I thought.

Shipping Supplies

Most people like to have their friends over every once in a while, but if you aren’t the drinking and football watching type it would help to have stuff to occupy you all and give you some good memories, too.  Or, if you are responsible for hosting any events these are good ways to break up the speaking and also act as fun ways to get people comfortable with each other and talking.  Here are a few adult party games you can make out of those random shipping supplies, and I bet you everyone will leave asking when the next one will be:

  • Tic Tac Toe Frisbee. So yes, you need Frisbees for this, but you mostly need a square, flat piece of cardboard and some tape.  Any kind of tape.  Use the tape to mark the cardboard for tic tac toe and then take turns trying to throw Frisbees (which you previously marked with Xs and Os using a Sharpie).
  • Bubble Wrap Sumo Wrestling. That’s right.  I said “bubble wrap sumo wrestling”, if this isn’t self-explanatory enough for you than you probably have never seen sumo wrestling, but the basic idea is to wrap yourself in bubble wrap (your torso, upper arms, top of your head), using tape to secure it all.  The more you wrap yourself the better.  Then, let the sumo wrestling begin!
  • Tape Ball Game. The object of the tape ball game is to get at something has been wrapped up in miles of tape.  For adults, if you put a $5 Starbucks gift card in the center you will discover that they are not too embarrassed to play this game.  You have to make sure that people don’t use their teeth, though.  And I have even played this where you wear oven mitts to make it even harder, but if you’ve wrapped that thing up good enough you won’t need to add the extra challenge.  Have everyone stand in a circle and set a timer.  Every fifteen seconds have a timer go off, which means that the tape ball has to be passed to the next person.  Whoever winds up getting to the gift at the center on their turn wins the gift!

Written by: Stan Lee