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SEO Practices For 2016 – What Should You Do

by George Sand on

Besides being huge information storage, internet, now days, also serves as the best medium to market different brands and products. This is the major reason that ecommerce success is counted as the key for ultimate brand recognition, and consequently globalization of any business. Nevertheless, reaching this milestone is not that convenient. Although internet marketing can help you to have your business goals much sooner and quicker as compared to the other conventional marketing strategies but still there is a struggle that you will have to go through.

When we talk about ecommerce success, the strategy that can pave way to this goal is SEO. Due to the fact that most of the websites on internet are first searched through search engines, it really makes sense to bring your website on the top of Search engine rankings against several search queries. This process is called SEO and it is a vital process to make your website discoverable. To help you develop the suitable SEO strategy, here are some tips.

  • Google is inevitably the primary search engine that we use to search our desired content. If we talk about Google’s preferences, Google always aims to promote the websites or web pages whose content is of high quality. With that said, it becomes crucial to work on quality of content in order to make Google promote your content.
  • Although social media success is not the deciding factor in Google’s ranking methodology but Google still considers social signals to some extent while deciding ranks for websites. Increased social signals of any content mean the content has better UX.
  • Since internet usage has been shifted considerably to mobile devices, websites with their mobile versions are more preferred by users. This trend has already been tracked by Google and it is speculated that Google is going to give preference to the websites which would have better UX from the perspective of Mobile internet browsing.
  • Associating your content with the real brand, which you are trying to market, is one of the best things you can do in your SEO strategy. The major emphasis in this matter is on telling the Google that your brand is real. For that, you can register your brand in local listings and create verified social media pages. Try to avoid low level affiliate marketing otherwise Google will have all the rights to penalize your content.

SEO may be a slow process when it is legitimate but it guarantees better results in long run. By keeping the above mentioned points into consideration, you can surely get ecommerce success.

George Sand

Written by: George Sand