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Possible Discovery of Gravitational Waves Could be biggest Discovery Yet

by Stan Lee on

According to a recent rumor, physicists have started to find ripples within the fabric of space-time called “gravitational waves.” Although these can’t’ be fully confirmed by scientists, they have been see and people at a California lab are looking for these waves.

A recent email has spoken of the results that might be shared, but it might take months to analyze the data, interpret the results and then review them, and the chance that this could be out there is a thrilling concept for many scientists everywhere.


There have been many gravitational waves thought about, but none have ever been fully seen, and if this is true, it could be the biggest breakthrough in physics seen in over a century. Einstein did have a theory of general relativity that suggested that the huge objects can curve the space-time fabric around them. Think of it as similar to a bowling ball sinking into a taut sheet. It can be seen like that, and it does allude to the possibility of a warped space-time with some crazy implications.


The implications of this are shocking, and they are of note to say. For one, when an object accelerates, it might result in the creation of ripples within the space-time, and these ripples will be similar to raindrops on a lake’s surface. According to physicists who are looking to detect these ripples, they’re looking at the time of a star explosion or the collision of two objects such as black holes. The detection isn’t easy, but the physicists are using complex instruments to try to find these. There is a big L-shaped laser powered detector that is searching for gravitational waves. It’s been around since 2001, but so far it hasn’t realized anything. However, there was a more powerful one that went online in September, and this one is working even harder to find these gravitational waves. It’s a much more powerful one and superior to the other one that was recently released, and this complex instrument is searching out for these waves in hopes to find them.


These machines will be monitoring the atmosphere so that if there are any ripples that do pass by the planet, the instruments can detect these kinds of occurrences and then will be able to record them. From there, many of the scientists who are studying this can look at each of the ripples and disturbances, analyze them, and then come to a conclusion with this.

All of our thoughts on gravity and this sort of occurrence can be completely changed with this theory. If the data and information does hold true over the next few years, and if there is something that does get discovered by this team of scientists, this could mean a whole different way of thinking, a new change, and these gravitational waves can help us measure occurrences and disturbances in the atmosphere that otherwise had never been seen or predicted up to this point.

Stan Lee

Written by: Stan Lee