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How External Sites Expand Your Search Presence

by George Sand on

SEO has recently been seen as more than just a website, but in reality you actually will use external web properties to allow you to make your organic search presence that much larger. You shouldn’t limit yourself to just your own website, but you can increase the exposure you get by optimizing the social profiles and even getting other sites to rank for your brand as well.

These will make your online reputation better, and you can also rank for keywords faster than you would with just our own domain. You can’t just have your own site dominate the first page of search results, for it can leave you vulnerable to negative content on other sites that rank for your brand name. The best way to protect your brand’s presence is to also create other profiles on social sites.


Every site is a bit different, but if you optimize your brand on these sites, it’s very similar. You can for example on Pinterest use your brand name as the business name and username, and you can also have your brand name in the description as well. You can link your Pinterest profile to your own domain, allowing you to showcase your products and have your brand name expand to other areas. For other sites such as Facebook, twitter, and others, there can be other ways to help optimize your profile, and you can then use these profiles from your own domain.

For many digital marketers, there is a way to optimize the different Pinterest boards for SEO. These boars allow you to rank quickly in many search engines for the key items, not just the brand name that you have, but it also allows you to show up more within Pinterest as well. You can do this in a few easy steps/.


The first is to create a board for the topic that you want to rank on, and have the right keywords, and you can also look at the keywords and how they rank as well. Once you use the targeted keywords, make sure that they become the title tag, the H1 tag, and the URL. Don’t change the URLs however, because this can change many of the SEO elements that you’re trying to optimize. Once that’s done, have a description with the targeted keywords. You should then edit the descriptions of the pins at the top to include the keywords, and make sure that the optimized boards are also at the top of your profile to make it better for you. Once that’s done, link to the Pinterest boards that relate, and you can use keywords in the anchor texts. Pinterest is one of those sites that can improve your optimization overnight once you make these adjustments.

It’s similar to other sites as well. You want to have the target keywords, have related playlists for YouTube, and also have targeted anchor texts as well. Making sure that you have everything optimized and fitting together is one of the best things that you can do to build your optimization to new heights.

George Sand

Written by: George Sand