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British Couple Clones their Dead Dog in Revolutionary Case

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A British couple has created a new way of life by having their puppies cloned from a dead pet using the tissue that is extracted from them two weeks after it dies.

Before all of this, the limit for cloning was five days after death, but this couple, who were grief-stricken when their boxer named Dylan died at the age of eight this past June, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor, found out about this amazing technique.  This procedure is expensive though, costing almost 150K for just one cloning and it had never worked for dogs that had been dead for longer than five days.  But against all of the odds was a success, and they not only had one puppy embryo, but two of them as well.  The couple went to the Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in South Korea, which is a dog-cloning service, and it’s the only laboratory of this nature out there.


The male has been named Chance, and he is to be joined on the 29th another cloned puppy named Shadow, both named after two dogs in the movie homeward bound.

The feeling is so surreal for the couple.  Imagining losing your favorite animal, and then you’re able to have another one in due time.  Many people don’t realize how long this might take, and it even made the owner of the puppies feel very disoriented, losing a sense of time and not understanding how long it took.  The owner did cling to her husband an hour after the first puppy was born.  She couldn’t believe that it happened, but once the puppy started making noises it was real.  It was only a few minutes old, but it looked just like Dylan.  All of the colorings and the patterns were actually the same as the original dog.  It’s an overwhelming feeling, and the two parents were shocked at how it felt.

Right now, the puppy is still feeding well from the surrogate mother, and it has the same DNA as the original dog.  It’s quite confusing, especially since they had them since Dylan was a puppy, but the couple is happy to have this new life.

The couple decided to store more samples of Dylan’s DNA at the laboratory, with the firm providing a kit to take a biopsy of the abdomen.  They went to South Korea to deliver it, with the cells packaged up and the flight booked.  She was shocked that she could have the same genetic copy of Dylan as well, and it even put her mind at rest.  The first samples did fail, and before the second biopsy arrived it was past the point for successful cloning.  However, they took the chance, and soon their dog was born.  The research facility has over 700 dogs cloned for commercial purposes, with the data being implanted into a “blank” dog egg that has the nucleus removed.  It’s a revolutionary process and it shows just how far cloning and diversity of animals has come.

George Sand

Written by: George Sand